Challenge: Chuck Grimmett

Why so many demanding hobbies?

I’d like to introduce a new format to this new publication.

I’m going to issue a challenge. I want to publicly ask a question of one of the contributors, and I expect them to publicly publish a reply.

Today, Chuck Grimmett is in my sights.

Chuck, I must ask, what possesses you to engage in so many demanding hobbies?

You have a demanding job at a startup. You often work long hours. You cook elaborate meals and hand-grind elaborate coffee. At the end of the day, what makes you feel the urge to do something intense and detailed like hand-crafting a kayak, learning to lock-pick, carving a spoon, or building a sous-vide cooker?

Are these activities relaxing, or do you force yourself to do them because you feel it makes you a better person? (It undoubtedly does.) Do you ever just sit down on the couch and drink a beer while watching mindless reality TV instead of pickling vegetables?

Have you always been this way?

I would love to know.