The Remnant

A few minds restlessly and relentlessly seeking freedom and fun.

The Remnant is not a public campaign. It’s not content for clicks. It’s the greatest minority on earth - the individual - speaking into the void, knowing somewhere, someone might be listening. And even if they aren’t, what the hell, we’ll do it anyway!

Contributors write what they want, when they want. Experiments - thought and field - in radical agency, personal freedom, and maximal interestingness. There is no topical constraint. Each writer says what they want to say.

Current Contributors:
T.K. Coleman
Chuck Grimmett
Deryk Makgill
Isaac Morehouse
Steve Patterson
Mitchell Earl

Utterly Irresponsible

This publication is not orderly or consistent.

We have no schedule, no thematic constraints. We make no promises. No focus, no order, no discipline.


For me, it’s simple. The Remnant is the opposite of every other area of my life! I blog daily, produce a weekly podcast, and write a weekly startup insider newsletter. Like clockwork. I am building a startup, raising four kids, and trying to stay moderately healthy. I even treat fantasy football like a discipline. I can’t help myself.

But I’ve had a vision for a publication like this for a while, and damnit why not now?

I commit to no publication schedule. Nor do the other contributors.

They are all prolific content creators, with blogs, newsletters, publications, podcasts, YouTube channels, and commitments to many outlets, companies, families, and goals. They are busy, seasoned, ambitious professionals with hobbies to boot.

This publication is unlike all that.

It’s a place to post whatever any of us want whenever it feels fun.

What to Expect

Nothing in particular.

You might see posts and emails every day. Or nothing for months. No guarantees.

You might see content published elsewhere shared here. Or exclusive stuff. Or both.

You might see short blurbs or book-length treatises. Polished papers, or half-baked outlines.

You might see stuff on cooking or clock-making or cryptocurrency or careers.

The point is I can’t tell you because I really don’t know. We’re here for fun and for sharing. We’ll see what happens or doesn’t.

You’v been warned. Join the party if you like.